Case Study Snapshot

Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies

Initial Goal
Replace two older claim systems that required extensive workarounds and created inefficiency

Continued Efforts
Increase efficiency and support ongoing WC objectives

SIMS Claims from Systema Software used to manage WC claims, license for 500 concurrent users

Additional Benefits

  • Paperless claims process
  • Support BHHC Goals Program
  • Enhanced medical management
  • Reduced IT Maintenance
  • Powerful data reporting
  • Automated FROI and SROI reporting
  • Business rules automation for referrals
  • Support customer service

“Our main objective in the claims department is to deliver appropriate and timely benefits to injured workers. At the same time, we aim to mitigate the risks inherent in WC systems in all jurisdictions, and work to provide excellent customer service to policyholders, producers, injured workers, vendors, and medical providers. SIMS has been an important tool in helping us accomplish these objectives.”

Geoffrey Kennedy
Strategic Analyst,
WC Division, Berkshire Hathaway
Homestate Companies