Good Listening = Great Results

Systema Software understands that the only way to truly address client needs is by listening to them. That is why we work closely with our clients right from the start to ensure that we deliver a solution that addresses their specific needs.

“Systema customer support is outstanding. Quick to respond to any question or issue. Solid technical and insurance knowledge allows them to resolve issues in a timely manner”

Michael Millwood
Data Operations, American Claim Management

Systema Software Services

Systema Software has a history of well-managed implementations and excellent ongoing customer support. Implementations run smoothly and downtime is minimized due to quick, rehearsed conversions.

  • Pre-Sales

    Systema takes a consultative approach to implementing SIMS Claims™. Our pre-sales staff will fully review your business process and make recommendations on how to best leverage SIMS Claims™ to streamline your workflows. They will identify during this analysis any gaps in functionality, including a full review of the upstream and downstream systems SIMS Claims™ will need to communicate with.

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  • SIMS Cloud

    Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

    SIMS Cloud enables our clients to have Systema Software host SIMS Claims™ for them. The SIMS Cloud hosting solution provides a world class infrastructure that is responsive, reliable, secure, scalable and high performance.

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  • Implementation

    Since each client environment and implementation is unique, Systema Software works with the client to ensure that we are addressing their business requirements, available resources, and necessary timeframe.

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  • Data Conversion

    The most critical part of any system conversion is the conversion of data. This is the heart of the application and it is essential that every effort is made to ensure accuracy and thoroughness. Our data conversion team has extensive experience converting data from a variety of systems, making this process straightforward and reliable. By providing detailed documented mappings of the legacy system to SIMS Claims™ and reviewing it with the client, we ensure that every piece of data has an approved destination.

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  • Training

    To ensure immediate productivity in the new environment, we provide customizable training to suit your business and your users. We will work with you to ensure your employees receive the training best suited to your organization.

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  • Support

    We understand that excellent customer support is an essential element of a successful business relationship. We are committed to providing dependable and personable support to ensure that SIMS Claims™ works to your satisfaction. Our technical support and resolution turnaround has garnered praise from all of our clients.

    Phone Support: (800) 272-9102

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