A Software Solution Above the Rest

SIMS Claims™ is a pure browser-based system, and was built by experienced enterprise system architects with direct input from a knowledgeable group of seasoned Insurance professionals. The system provides a complete set of out-of-the-box functionality enabling claims organizations to reduce expenses and increase productivity. SIMS Also provides the flexibility companies need to configure the application to meet their unique business needs.

SIMS Claims™ was built with Microsoft .NET technologies and is tightly integrated with Microsoft desktop tools such as MS Outlook Calendar, Word, and Excel.

SIMS Claims™ was designed specifically to provide the following benefits to our clients:

  • Fast Time to Market: Complete set of out-of-the-box functionality allows for cost-effective and accelerated implementation.

  • Personalized Solution: SIMS Claims™ is highly configurable and customizable. Using role-based security, clients can add their own fields to the system, rename existing fields, or prevent users from seeing certain modules, tabs, or confidential information.

  • Increased Automation: SIMS business rules, letter generation, scheduled reports, workflows, and alerts significantly increase the productivity and job satisfaction of expert resources in the organization.

  • Paperless Environment: Go paperless through the use of our integrated document management solution to store documents electronically and easily access them from any workstation.

  • Fraud Reduction: SIMS Claims™ duplicate payment warnings, integration with ISO Claims Search, and custom reports assist with the investigation of fraudulent activities and help prevent improper payments.

  • Improved Decision Making: Our extensive collection of reports and dashboards support examiners and management in making informed decisions faster while providing better service to Claimants and Insureds.

  • Streamlined Data-Capturing and Integration: SIMS Claims™ was designed to facilitate data-entry and avoid redundant information. Our straightforward design and pre-defined connectors simplify integration and information sharing with third-party systems.

  • Affordable Implementation and Licensing Structure: Cost-Effective implementation and licensing options.

  • SIMS Cloud: Enables our clients to have Systema Software host SIMS Claims™ for them.

  • SIMS Mobile: Applications developed for tablets and mobile phones to empower your claims team while on the go.


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  • Lines of Business

    Designed to support multiple lines of business such as Workers' Compensation, Automobile, Liability, and Property.

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    Control costs and increase productivity with the unique set of features and functionality of SIMS Claims™.

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  • Modules & Connectors

    Expand the base functionality of SIMS Claims™ and further streamline your workflow with these additional modules and interfaces.

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  • Technology Platform

    SIMS Claims™ is a browser-based solution utilizing modern technology to streamline your claims administration processes.

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    Turn questions into answers. Discover the many architectural, procedural, and functional advantages of SIMS Claims™.

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    Dig deeper with the latest SIMS Claims™ white papers, case study PDFs, and technical briefs.

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